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The state-of-the-art school is backed by dedicated and experienced staff members and a highly committed and experienced management team – making it the ideal place for an educational experience par excellence.

Our students work independently as well as cooperatively, learning to respect the needs of others as well as their own. A love of nature and a deep sense of responsibility for others and their environment are fostered. Also, the child should have fun and develop new friendships. Most importantly self - esteem is nurtured so that each child is proud of their ability and is confident in what they can achieve. Read more...

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  • Revision Classes and Written Tests for students

    Kindly note that Revision Classes and Written Tests for Half Yearly Examination will start from 06th September 2021 on wards. Attendance is compulsory during Revision Classes. Regards Examination Section

  • Child's Progress in a Monthly Manner

    Dear Parent, To ensure that you are updated with your child's progress in a monthly manner, Indian Public School Sambalpur has taken a milestone initiative to share your child's course completed, attendance, and weekly marks for each month. In this regard, we are sharing with you August month details. Kindly click the following link to view of course completed, total attendance, and weekly marks details for August month. ( )


    Kindly refer to our School's App for details regarding extra Enrichment Classes scheduled for Grade :10 students from 01.09.2021 onwards

Latest News

  • Essay Competition

    Indian Public School Sambalpur is going to organize an essay competition. 

    Fill in the details by clicking the link below 

    Fill the details



    We are greatly delighted to present our Second Quarterly E- Newsletter designed for the Session 2021-22 by the inspiration we received by your huge responses and applauds.We have tried our best to update you with the happenings of the session as well as the information regarding the surprises in store for you in the upcoming session. Kindly keep motivating us by providing your valuable feedbacks and suggestions which would help us to take our Institution to greater heights. Kindly click in the Link below to view our Second Quarterly E- Newsletter. Download Newsletter Your valuable comments and suggestions will be highly awaited and appreciated.

  • Education Support Program

    Indian Public School has planned to organise an array of Seminars, Enrichment Classes, Various Competitions and Workshops for our students as well as their siblings and friends. This Education Support Program will be conducted free of cost for the overall development of the kids. Interested children need to register themselves for the same by providing the required details in the below mentioned Google Link. Enroll for IPS Education support Program

  • Younger prodigy

    Miss Ayukta Mishra Grade - V Become Winner of State Level Online SIP National Prodigy 2021. Congratulations.!!!

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