Clubs And Socities

Editorial club: “The Advent” it’s the quarterly news letter of our school. The club brings out the quarterly news letter which is publishes report of all the activities and leading events that takes place during the course of the period. It also encourages students to contribute articles providing them with a platform to express their views, stories, articles of their interest. The students constitutes of office bearers of chief editor, assistant editor.

Cricket Club: The club motivates the budding Sachin Tendulkar, selection of members based on their individual performances; they are given a chance to prove their talent on the field

Environmental Club : The purpose of environmental club is to increase awareness of the relationships between the human actions and our environment, educate the school community of the step that can be taken to improve our environment and environment to encourage responsible environmental behaviors.

Maths Club : the purpose of the Maths club is to develop student's level of Maths skill and knowledge. This will be accomplished by using games, activities  and mock.

Sexual Harassment Club : The sexual harassment club strive to create awareness and to eliminate work place sexual harassment and right to work with dignity are universally recognised human rights by international conventions and instruments such as convention on the Elimination of all forms of discrimination against women, which has been ratified by the Govt. Of India. 

Language Club : Today, English has become a word-wise language. Whether you are a beginner or expert in English, Spoken English can lead you to next level. English is the first language for many countries. It is present in many forms like British English, American English and they are diverse in their compliments. To run any kind of event or to appear any job interview, we need better English and it can be possible with Language Club. The objective of the Club is to promote learning of the language and provide opportunities for interaction between the learner and the teacher, which is vital for making learning of the language easier and enjoying.