A new approach has been successfully initiated at the Pre-Primary and Primary levels.


IPS kid's Kingdom provides activity-based integrated learning centre, which stimulate the child development in language, social/emotions physical & cognitive areas, ourteaching method addresses the usual, auditory and kinaesthetic aspects of learning.

    Our teaching method includes

  1. Dramatic play & concept formation
  2.  Vocabulary building & communication skills development through playful methods like sudoku, word matching, word search, word ladder, Maze worksheet, crossword, word mining.
  3.  Maths game, Memory game
  4.  Art & Craft
  5.  Learning about science through experiment.

Facilities in Pre-school like computers, library, music & dance, activity room, Gym, Indoor & Outdoor games, AV Room, 3D Wall and Art & Craft Room faciliates in fun way of delivering lectures. IPS produces confident, creative and eager learners.


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    Teaching is tailored to the needs of the students by involving them in the learning process to maintain their interest. Some of these methods are as follows

    Students are dressed up to enact various roles as per the demand of the lesson or chapter. The class that performs well is permitted to enact on stage while the other sections learn by watching them.

    Role Play
    Students dress up to depict various characters according to the subject matter. For example, a student journalist interviews his colleagues dressed up as Maharashtrian farmers to explore their way of life and food habits.

    Experience is the best form of learning. A very practical approach is undertaken by conducting simple experiments which go a long way in imprinting never-to-be-forgotten concepts on young minds. Making use of laboratories.

    Children are involved in the learning process in a group or individual basis. They bring in various materials as needed and assemble them in class under the teacher’s guidance, with the aim to help them understand a concept.

    Emotional care
    Children  are made to practice yoga for 10-15 minutes during the free time. Laughter therapy has also been used with positive results. Students and teachers are given work shop on self realization.

    Home activity
    these are simple independent activities for children, which can be accomplished without any intervention by parents.

At IPS we are committed to the total development of student's mind, hearts and bodies and therefore we have observed lower absenteeism. The children are more conflict and their hidden talents find expression. We at IPS use two use two way teaching method by promoting active involvement to students in our effort is to encourage self learning for learning for overall development of the mind, body and spirit.

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