Great teachers make great schools. We would not be IPS without the men and women who teach, advice, coach and mentor, cajole, comfort and celebrate our students. We believe that the qualified teachers are only facilitators who awaken in the child, a natural curiosity and desire for knowledge. Excellence in academics is the ultimate goal wherein children turn out to be confident, competent citizens who can be ambassadors of this vast country. The school follows the Continuous Comprehensive form of evaluating students (CCE) who are in a stress free environment and can learn at ease. Learning is by doing and great care is taken to see that the mission is transacted in teaching.  IPS is also known for its

   1. Ideal Student Teacher ratio.
   2. Committed to the cause of learning.
   3. Student friendly Trained and experienced faculty and its
   4. Child centric Pedagogy

* The school follows the Uniform System Of Assessment examination for evaluating students.....

Our emphasis on strong student - faculty relationship is what makes the IPS community exceptional with extensive teaching experience each faculty member is both a teacher and a scholar and an expert in his or her field. Teachers plan their lessons well in advance and i great detail. They also participate in regular seminars dedicated to exploration of critical issues in education.