Fees is acceptable in the form of Cheque/ Debit Card/ Online mode through HDFC Bank link provided by the bank.


Fee can be paid on monthly / Quarterly/Yearly basis.

Monthly/Quarterly fee is payable from 1st to 10th of the beginning of the month.

After 10th of the due month, fees will be accepted with late fee @ Rs.10/- per day.

No fee will be accepted after 25th of the due month, and the name of the student will be struck off. For Re-admission, a fee of Rs.1000/- will be charged.

Rs.100/- will be charged if the cheque is returned unpaid by the Bank.

In case of doubt regarding the payment of any dues, the parents/guardians are advised to make the payment first and then clarify the matter.

Note-Parents may keep the fee deposit receipts in safe custody in order to produce them as proof of their payments, if/when required.