Vision & Mission

1. Student development is catalyzed across the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and aesthetic quality.
2.Student learning is encouraged by using latest educational techniques to achieve the best learning experience and initiate a lifelong pursuit of learning.
3. Student growth is promoted through the empowerment in school teams, career guidance and counseling.
4. At IPS we believe nine major skills laid down by World Health Organization – Decision making, Problem solving, Critical thinking, Effective communication, Inter personal relationship, Self awareness, empathy, Self esteem and Stress handling.
5. Student holistic development is encouraged through excellence in sports, enrichment through creative and performance art.
6. We instill the right attitude & approach to have a happy balanced life which prepare children to bloom into responsible global citizens with strong professional skills and deep appreciation for environment.
7. We are a School with an Indian mind, an Indian heart and Indian soul.  We celebrate the culture of excellence and values.

1. To provide students, a learning environment and strengthen a culture of academic excellence.
2. To support their all round development through character building, team working, physical development and a sense of leadership.
3. To illuminate intellect of students in multi-dimensional ways by preparing them for advanced academic study without compromising rich Indian values.