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Chairman Message

Mrs. Suman Dalmia

Indian Public School provides a safe, affirmative and compassionate school experience so that all students feel valued and confident to achieve their own best and hence has been consistently ranked among the top performing CBSE Affiliated schools. We continue to support a wide array of exemplary academic, athletic, social opening for all students and remain dedicated for our school wide loyalty that: the multiparty instructional strategy in our educational trust has been marking an accolade to our school members and ever perfect path to enrich pace setting achievements to maximize our students success.

The state-of-the-art school is backed by dedicated and experienced staff members and a highly committed and experienced management team – making it the ideal place for an educational experience par excellence.

The school endeavors to equip its students to excel in academics, and to be savvy in the use of technology. But equally, knowledge is to become a liberating experience as the child is encouraged to discover his interests, his talents and aptitudes, and learn to form his opinions and role in society.

I take this opportunity to congratulate the Principal, staff, students; every effort of the team is highly appreciated who has contributed towards making learning so meaningful and I am also pleased about our parents who are ever supportive in our endeavours to develop this institution into a centre of knowledge.