How To Prepare For 12th Board Exams In 1 Month?

Date: 02-Nov-2021


All students must know Class 12 boards are crucial to crack if you want to do well in your entrance exams. This marks the beginning of your journey towards your dream college. Let’s take a detailed look at your 1-month study plan if you want to know how to prepare CBSE board exam in one month.

Given below is a sample timetable to finish the whole syllabus and prepare for the exam in 30 days.

Days Subjects
1-5 Physics – Keep the complete list of formulae, experiments, and derivations.
6-9 Chemistry – Questions related to organic and inorganic chemistry are fact-based questions that can be solved quickly with good practice.
10-15 Maths – Firstly, clear the basic fundamentals and concepts of the subject. Some calculations can be lengthy so you should practice a lot of these types of questions.
16-18 English – Read as much as you can. Any piece of good literature should not escape your hands: Your textbooks, the newspaper, or anything else you can lay your hands on. Follow a good grammar book and know the basic rules.
19-22 Biology/Computer Science – The key to a successful Computer Science or Biology exam is understanding. Be Thorough with the diagrams and important terminologies.
23-27 Revision days as per subjects. Dedicate each day per subject.
27-30 Solve sample or previous years papers 

Create a schedule for one subject at a time. You could modify it as per your preferences. Try and set a specific time to study every day and you’ll find that it makes things so much easier. Remember that the grades you get in the 12th board exams do matter and they determine, to a large extent, your career graph.

All the best.