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Tata test Edge

TestEdge from Tata ClassEdge is a platform that helps teachers develop comprehensive assessments, in addition to a host of other useful features in their technology enabled classroom.

It comes with a digital question bank of more than 95000 questions across various grades and subjects, categorized according to difficulty levels. The questions also map to the various levels in the Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives. 

Key Features

Select questions from among 95000 plus instructionally sound assessment items in the digital question bank.

Add new questions to the TestEdge question bank.

Author new question papers for formative and summative assessments.

Generate and print well-formatted question papers.

Developing Comprehensive Assesments

Teachers log on to the TestEdge platform, select questions according to difficulty levels, skill level and marking scheme. They may even add their own questions and save it for future use.

With TestEdge, it hardly takes a few minutes to print an instructionally sound, well-formatted question paper.


About Vidyalaya

Vidyalaya school management system software has redefined the education system functionalities with help of the latest technologies and gained new heights with its extraordinary features! This successful school management system uses cutting-edge technology and makes it user-friendly yet affordable! The product from the team of ultimate and 20+ years of expertise offers all the mandatory and complementary functionalities required by an educational institute! Vidyalaya is associated with IPS for providing connect 2 IPS school app for student and teachers.

Benefit of Vidyalaya App

For schools, colleges, universities, training centers and other educational Institutes. It assists institutes to manage all administrative and academic tasks in the single integrated system. Vidyalaya provides access to appropriate information and functions to all members of the school community, including school Management Administrators, Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff, Students, and Parents. It carry user-friendly interface, advance technology to integrate with school process.

The Ultimate School ERP For Modern School

Vidyalaya empowers educational institutions to focus on delivering high-quality education while taking care of administrative tasks. It provides a single comprehensive interface for the management, tracking, and reporting of data for school administration, online learning, and student management.

Integrated School Solutions To Meet Your Needs

Vidyalaya has fully integrated school solution with various support functions to reduce manpower-intensive activities through seamless automation. SMS, Email, OMR, Biometric, Smartcard, Barcode etc. SMS, Email, OMR, Biometric, Smartcard, Barcode etc.


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